Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not One Ounce...

Sorry it's been a little while since my last post. I'm in the process of moving and as an added bonus, I've been under the weather, which incidentally has been really good for my diet because I've had no appetite these past few days. I have been doing really well with my eating with the exception of last weekend. We were busy packing on Saturday and I needed a quick lunch for my boys...McDonald's again. Hey, it's fast and easy and close to our house (not much else is). In the name of saving time and effort (most of our food was gone at this point), I broke down and ordered a double cheeseburger for myself off the dollar menu too but skipped the fries and I still haven't had a single can of soda (I can hardly believe this myself). I made up for my indiscretion that evening though. Since we were up to our eyeballs in boxes, my parents graciously invited us over for dinner (well, I actually invited us) and ordered pizza. I ordered a Greek salad for myself and didn't have a single bite of pizza.

Sunday went well and I ate healthily at both breakfast and dinner. I can't remember the details now though (I'm finally ready to admit that my memory isn't what it used to be...I blame that on having a kid and have since started writing down everything as I eat it). That night we had dinner with out-of-town friends. I had never met them before - they were friends of my husband's back from long before we had even met. Now before I get into my cheatastic meal, let me just say that I was having a really long day with all the stress that goes along with moving. Anyway, at dinner that night I had two bottles of Blue Moon (I know...not even light beer). Then the group I was with ordered an appetizer of chorizo queso. Okay, so maybe I recommended it...the stuff is amazing. I had about 3 chips and a tortilla with queso. I did order a Caesar salad for my entree though and water. Could've been much worse. Let me just get off the subject of my food diary here for a minute and relay a little story. While we were getting ready to order, F asks, "what are you gonna have?" I reply, "I'm on a diet...probably just a salad" to which she responds, "I know. I have been following your blog. And not only having I been following it, my whole office is following". Cocked eyebrow...I start thinking about this...strangers...following my every dieting misstep? Good LORD. What have I done?

Monday I ate a banana for breakfast, along with my usual coffee/Coffee Mate/splenda concoction. For lunch I had a whole wheat pita with turkey and a slice of Swiss cheese. For dinner it was a whole wheat pita (pizza-size) with sauce (from the jar), mini pepperoni and low-fat mozzarella cheese. I ate part of my son's uneaten pizza too - well, mainly just the cheese. I know, I know.

So as you can see I have done relatively well with regards to eating healthily and yet, for some mysterious and annoying reason, I haven't dropped one ounce these past 4 days. I'm trying not to get frustrated here. Maybe I just lost too much too quickly those first two weeks and my metabolism is just playing catch-up. Or maybe I've plateaued already and need to start exercising. Whatever the case may be, I'm going to stay positive and try a few new "tricks" this week...such as eating less carbs and eating more fruits and veggies again. I kind of OD'ed after those first two weeks but clearly I need to add more back into my diet again.

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  1. you crack me up! keep up the good work and the pounds will start coming off again.