Monday, August 23, 2010

A Perfect Ten

It's been an uneventful past couple of weeks. I have been eating really poorly lately...I mean REALLY poorly. As an example, last Friday night I had Doritos and cookie dough for dinner. I have also been sampling adult beverages on more nights than I care to admit. Chalk it up to stress. Well, that...and the fact that it's 109 degrees outside and I just enjoy a cold beer on those types of days. I am still within 5 lbs. of my lowest (stomach flu induced) weight to date. I think I'm at 162 or so. Not bad, considering. Did I mention the Doritos? I seem to have a real problem with those these days. My husband keeps asking if I'm pregnant. I'm not.

I finally broke down and bought three new pairs of size 10 pants. Immediately my husband says, "I guess the diet's off". Well, not exactly, although it has been lately. I have recently had a few social occasions which called for the wearing of pants. Fitting, professional pants, that is. Besides...what if I decide not to lose any more weight for the next 3-6 months?? I'm just not in the mood to eat healthfully right now. I guess that really sums it up. Although I waxed on and on about this being a "lifestyle change", it still takes effort - major effort. The choices, although somewhat less difficult to make now, are not that easily made. It definitely doesn't come naturally. I still have to make a conscious effort to have salad for lunch rather than the burger I really want. Maybe I was kidding myself.

I don't plan on giving up. I'm just taking a break. I feel truly happy with my current weight. Yes, I still wish I had less cellulite, stretch marks, a flatter stomach...the list goes on. But all in all, I feel good in my skin and my clothes. There's something to be said for that.

I will continue the journey, just not as hardcore right now. I will eventually have to get back to writing down here everything I've eaten - that's the only thing that really seemed to make me feel accountable. I'm just not at that point right this minute but I'm perfectly okay with that.


  1. Did I miss something or are you already almost 100 lbs down!?!?!?!?!

  2. Okay Cam I confused your blog with another one...SORRY! I had a friend do gastric bypass a month ago. I was thinking how could you lose so much so fast?
    My bad.....Good for you on the weight loss!